Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer photos - July 2015

A collection of photos from this July....for posterity's sake.  Mostly short 2-3-4 day camping trips within a 1/2 day drive of Calgary.  As well as a few scrambles and hikes.

Al, Ramon and Steve at Moraine Lake after scrambling up the Tower of Babel.

Gull Lake

The new way to carry bikes....on the roof.  Works very well....hope I don't run into anything.

Cowtown lookin' all grown up.

Off to Taylor Lake to overnight.  5km one way.

Taylor Lake

Great toy for the kids......

Lake Sikome....R and C in the foreground

Sample of the topics covered in Ramon's grade 3 class this year.

Wasa Lake BC

Ramon the tour guide

Wild onion and Saskatoons

Whitefish Montana, 4th of July

Dad relents and pays 180 CAN for a hotel in Whitefish

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Glacier National Park Montana


Ramon in action going up the Tower of Babel

Room with a view on the Tower of Babel

.....and a couch to boot

Note the squirrel in the window....or is it a TV?

Yoga man Al

Been there, done that he says

Local city berries/cherries

Inside an ambulance at Stampede

Carla Ramon and Jefferson


Picklejar lakes


Kinbrook Island provincial park

Same beach as above 6 hours later

Dinosaur provincial park

Alberta badlands

C-level cirque with Nancy the Pastusan 

The Chief in Montana....just across the border

Near the summit of the Chief

Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton

the Chief the next day from Alderson-Carthew hike

Mt. Alderson

Carthew lakes...20k hike

More cowtown in the summer

World's largest they say.

Surveyor's lake at Kikomun provincial park BC

In the new tent

Less than 1 minute to put up.

Island lake above Fernie BC